Advanced User Stories: INVEST is not enough by François Bachmann

Speaker François Bachmann
Advanced User Stories: INVEST is not enough
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"As an experienced Product Owner/Stakeholder I want to learn to write better User Stories so that my conversation with the Team is more efficient." - if those could be your words, then this workshop is definitely for you!

User Stories are a simple-but-hard concept, and this workshop is designed to help you improve your understanding of the power of well-designed User Stories. Starting from Mike Cohn's well-known "As a ... I want ... so that" pattern, we'll take a interactive tour based on practical examples of giving User Stories the full power they deserve! Prepare for intense conversations, timeboxed writing, sharing your insights and lots of fun...

As for the tongue-in-cheek title: INVEST is a great set of criteria to make sure your User Stories are viable. But to make them GREAT, you'll have to dig a bit deeper: come to my workshop! ;)


* Introduction (10'): basic User Stories and Acceptance Criteria

* Exercise 1 (25'): Slicing, Courage, Black&White thinking

* Exercise 2 (25'): The dreaded nonfunctional User Stories

* Exercise 3 (20'): Personae, Stakeholders & how to delight them

* Wrap-Up (10'): IceBoxing, Grooming & other key Skills for a seasoned Product Owner

User Persona
  • business analyst
  • product owner
  • tester
Constraints and Class Arrangement

Maximum of 30 participants, seated in groups of 4-5 around each table.

Session History

parts of this workshop have been given in companies I coach

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