Introduction to Advanced Agile Development @ AGILEEE Training

Alistair Kiev, Ukraine
05 Oct 2012

1-day Master Class with Dr. Alistair Cockburn


You have been doing agile development for a few years and want to see what "advanced" agile means, or you have been doing agile development for many years, have read the books and are ready to discover what agile development is really about and why it works.

This 1-day workshop from industry guru Dr. Alistair Cockburn, one of the authors of the agile manifeston is an introduction to the topic of advanced agile development. It is for any role in business, whether executive sponsor, project manager, business analyst, programmer, or none of the above.

In this 1-day discovery-filled course:

• Encounter why agile works, what it's limitations are

• Learn to maximize results by considering design as Knowledge Acquisition

• Test yourself with the Elephant Carpaccio exercise and the Drawing Race

• Learn to back up your recommendations with solid theory, not just an appeal to authority

• See the larger space into which agile development fits

This is not a course for the beginner looking for simple answers. This is a workshop in which you will face the limits of your knowledge and your abilities.

At the end of the course, walk away with a view into the larger set of tools you can use in your project and organizational situations.

The rates for the class

Includes: one day class attendance for one person, meals

Does not include: main conference program (October/6-7)

If you are a CSM or CSPO classes attendee 

  • your rate is $450

If you are a conference attendee 

  • your rate is $500

If you are not attending classes at October/3-4 

  • your rate is $550
  • register for the classes and get the reduced rate for this class


Contact information

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