Confeture - online-service , which provides opportunities:

  • For Event organizers - effectively automate registration of members
  • For Participants - log in, choose and pay for interesting events



Confeture was created by SCRUMguides to automate registration of its activities in the IT-industry: conferences Agile Eastern Europe, AgileBaseCamp, HotCode, trainings , certification classes CSM and CSPO, Agile’s community meetings Agile Pizza, etc.

Later , the administration of Confeture decided to automate registration of other IT- events (which do not belong to the company SCRUMguides). Adding events is provided directly by the organizer and it is free. More information can be found in the tab "For Event organizers".

All events of SCRUMguides are signed ‘SCRUMguides’ on the frame of events on the Home page.

Administration Confeture bears full responsibility ( organizational, financial , confidential ) only for events that are owned by SCRUMguides.


Our team:

Yaremenko Natali – Head of Confeture,

Shishkina Liana - CTO of Confeture,

Senko Tatiana - Finance Specialist of Confeture,