Elalami Lafkih

Elalami Lafkih is a senior consultant involved in innovation challenges from large to start-ups companies. Previously, Elalami worked as Test Lead in several French start-ups that have a varying degrees of success. Today, after discovering the 1st law of failure, he assists start-ups and large companies to ensure that they are developing the right product by implementing the Pretotyping and Lean Startup methodologies. He coach managers in "Ideas Testing" practices ( a.k.a. from software testing to idea testing) and offers advice on how IT/R&D and Product Marketing teams can collaborate effectively. Elalami is a frequent speaker in European conferences and currently he is building the pretotyping movement/community in France and hope that "democratic innovation" will not just be a practice reserved for a few successful start-ups but a profound cultural change within large French companies looking for the way to stay competitive and to explore other innovations areas/borders .