Paul Culling

Paul splits his time between Vancouver, BC and Atlanta, Georgia where VersionOne has its headquarters. As VersionOne's Vice President of Alliances, Paul brings over 20 years of experience in the development and marketing of both packaged and service-based offerings and has significantly contributed to a number of successful high-growth technology and consumer-facing companies.  Senior leadership roles have had various primary focuses including marketing, business development, product and application development. Paul developed a creative and insightful approach to leadership through various roles focused on industries ranging from action sports to video game development to pure technology companies. An early adopter of Scrum within a marketing environment, Paul has been on the board of directors of the Agile Alliance since August 2008, is a trained Innovation Games facilitator and experienced open space facilitator. Paul has previously spoken on the topics of story mapping, persona development and project chartering. Paul was a founding Agile Vancouver board member and core contributor to the first three Agile Vancouver conferences. 




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