Ian Culling

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Ian brings more than 20 years of broad information technology experience to the CTO role at VersionOne and he lends tremendous expertise to his areas of responsibility, including software product management, design & development and enterprise information technology. He has significant practical experience with the introduction, scaling and adaptive execution of agile methods, having initially implemented strict XPwith a single team in 2000. Since that time, Ian has progressed to lead andcoach both small and large organizations in their transition to agile methods. Prior to joining VersionOne, Ian led the adoption of agile methods at Alogent Corporation as VP, Development, leveraging aspects of Scrum for scaling across multiple teams and products. This, combined with select XP developer practices and approach for planning & tracking, resulted in a Scrum-wrapped XP implementation, now a fairly common model within the agile community today.


United States