Tushar Somaiya

Tushar is founder, director of ShuHaRiAgile, a premium agile training / coaching partner and coachingdojo, a unique community for agile leaders, execu@ve coaches, agile coaches and agile prac@@oners to share, learn & network.

Tushar Somaiya is a passionate cer@fied professional coach who helps execu@ves & teams discover and unleash their true poten@al. He believes in a democra@c organiza@on & self-organizing teams. He calls himself a servant leader. Through his NueroScience based coaching & consul@ng, he has helped projects and organiza@ons turn agile and become truly high performing teams.

He is Results Cer@fied Coach, Cer@fied Transforma@onal Coach, Cer@fied Scrum Master, Cer@fied Scrum Professional, Cer@fied System Business Analysts & one of the first 500 PMI-Agile Cer@fied Professional.

Tushar has 14 years of IT experience and over 6 years of agile experience. He is known for his fun-filled, hands-on interac@ve trainings & speeches at pres@gious conferences. His blogs have been re-published on ScrumAlliance, AgileAtlas & PMHut. He is an ac@ve volunteer at ScrumAlliance & PMI Mumbai Chapter. 





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