Distributed Development Best Practices by Sunil Mundra

Speaker Sunil Mundra
Distributed Development Best Practices
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Software companies are facing cost reduction pressures, a shrinking local talent pool and rising complexity in technology and customer requirements. As a result, many software companies have turned towards Distributed Development. This had led to a quantum increase in the number of development centers that have come up in off shore locations like India, China, Philippines and Brazil.

Agile is supposed to work best when the entire team is co-located. However, this is not possible when Distributed Development is adopted. Given that it is reality, the presentation will attempt to bring out the best practices that can be used to counter these challenges.

The speaker will draw upon his experience in working with 5 companies where he has consulted on addressing challenges related to distributed development.

The outline of the talk will be as follows:

- Why Distributed Development?
- Challenges of Distributed Development
- Best practices that will address the key aspects of People, Processes and Tools
- Role of Agile in enabling Distributed Development

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand the advantages of Distributed Development
- Understand the challenges involved in Distributed Development, with reference to practical scenarios
- Learn Practical and Specific measures that can be implemented to make Distributed Development effective
- Examine how Agile enables Distributed Development


-       Introduction to the topic

-       Audience participation to understand the challenges they are facing in Distributed Development

-       Delivery of the presentation

-       Summary

-       Q&A Session

User Persona
  • business analyst
  • coach
  • executive
  • developer
  • first-timer
  • IT engineer
  • practitioner
  • product owner
  • manager
  • team lead
  • tester
Constraints and Class Arrangement

No specific constraints/requirements

Session History

The speaker has presented this earlier at Agile Brazil 2012 Conference, held at São Paulo, Brazil, in Sep 2012 andd at the PMI Conclave, Mumbai in Dec 2012

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