Agile Transformation-The Difference between Success and Failure by Sunil Mundra

Speaker Sunil Mundra
Agile Transformation-The Difference between Success and Failure
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Of all the organizations that have attempted to be Agile, only few have truly succeeded. The primary reasons for lack of success appears to be the lack of understanding the difference between Agile Adoption and Transformation, and in failing to understand that Agile is a mindset and not a collection of processes and that transformation has to do with significant changes to the organization eco system. Evidence is also available that companies have found it much harder to do Agile Transformation as compared to Agile Adoption

The speakers, both highly experienced consultants at ThoughtWorks, will showcase 2 contrasting case studies, one a failure and the other a success in agile transformation, to bring out the key variables that determine success or failure in Agile Transformation. The speakers will summarize the challenges and offer recommendations on overcoming the challenges related to Agile Transformation.


Learning Outcomes:

- Understand the difference between Agile Adoption and Agile Transformation

- Understand scope of Agile Transformation

- Understand challenges in Agile Transformation

- Understand factors that make a difference between Successs and Failure of Agile Transformation


-       Introduction to the topic

-       Audience participation to understand the challenges they are facing or foresee in Agile Transformation

-       Delivery Transformation Failure Case Study

-       Delivery of Transformation Success Case Study

-       Comparing reasons for failure and success

-       Highlight the key challenges in Agile Transformation and examine suggestions to overcome them

-       Q&A Session

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