Brutal Refactoring Game by Adrian Bolboaca

Speaker Adrian Bolboaca
Brutal Refactoring Game
  • workshop
  • 120 minutes
  • engineering

Teaser description
Did you know you can have legacy code after only 15 minutes? This is why we will be brutal with the coding smells. We
will take the time to refactor soon and often.

Find out how to do real refactoring. Learn why refactoring is good and how to use it. Find out how you can discipline
yourself while refactoring all the code smells out of your system.

We will write code, have fun refactoring a simple problem and then talk about what we have learned.
There will be three pomodoros (sessions of 25 minutes) during which you will work in pairs. While coding the facilitator
will stop you whenever he spots a coding smell. Adding functionalities is forbidden until you refactor the smell away.
After each session we will stop for about five minutes and talk about the progress we are making and the inconveniences we
are facing. At the end we will have a conclusion of about 15 minutes when we will share the experiences we had during the
You will need a laptop with a working and testing environment installed for your preferred language. This eve


15 min Intro
5 min Setup
25 min First session
5 min Retrospective
25 min Second session
5 min Retrospective
25 min Second session
15 min Conclusions

User Persona
  • developer
  • IT engineer
  • practitioner
  • team lead
Constraints and Class Arrangement

Laptops with working development environment, testing framework and local source control.

Materials needed
Projector, Flipchart.

Experience level
Good knowledge of at least one programming language

Max participants

Session History


Facilitated it in the Romanian AgileWorks communities in Timisoara, Cluj and Bucharest.

Facilitated it at the SoCraTes 2012 unconference in Germany, XP Conference 2012 in Hamburg.

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