Outsourcing in a flat world: how to succeed sustainably by François Bachmann

Speaker François Bachmann
Outsourcing in a flat world: how to succeed sustainably
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The world is flatter than ever - at least that's how Thomas Friedman explained globalization.

Agile values and principles are valuable assets on such a playing field, in order to outperform competitors, succeed in winning new customers and retain existing ones.

So how can companies in Eastern Europe play their cards with regards to this new situation? What are key elements to succeeding in this flat world of Software Development & Delivery?

This talk will give you insights about the business of outsourcing Software Development, with a specific accent on Eastern Europe's situation, culture, history & background. You will walk away with a better idea of how the new players, the new battlefield and the new view of horizontal, collaboration-focused processes will impact your company's chances of succeeding on the global market.

As I'm not a speaker from Eastern Europe, I'm able to give you an "outside" view of things; having talked to participants at AgileEE since its second edition and given trainings in Russia, I also gained some specific insights on the Eastern European point of view - and as a Swiss guy, I can guarantee I'm going to be neutral ;)


Why has the business world become flat? - and what does that mean, anyway? - 10'

How does this new situation impact Software Development? and Eastern Europe in particular? - 10'

Which Agile values & principles are essential in this new environment? - 15'

What can an company based in Eastern Europe do to succeed in this flat world? - 20'

Q&A - 5'

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Prepared for AgileEE 2012, slightly refactored since

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