Piotr Zolnierek

Piotr has always had a passion for software development. He wrote his first "Hello World" 28 years ago at the age o 9.

After years of leading software projects the old waterfallish way, 

he discovered agile and has been active in exploring and evangelizing it all around the world.

He has lead many software projects in Germany, Poland, South Africa, Greece and Portugal. 


He is the founder and owner of anixe, a software provider for the travel industry,

who's motto is to always deliver valuable software on time.


Piotr has extensive experience in building reliable, highly scalable, multi-national e-commerce solutions.

He has strong leadership skills with a special focus on agile, scrum and lean software development.


In his current position as CTO he is responsible for identifying, tracking and implementing new technologies, 

providing best-practices and coaching to the development teams and building consensus for new technical initiatives.

At the same time as CEO he brings his vision to life for a better user experience for travelers making their bookings online.


In agile terms he works as a product owner and agile coach for various teams and helps them to deliver software successfully 

and make their customers happy.



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