Bigger, Better, Beyond Borders: Learning to Scale from a Co-Located Team to the Enterprise by François Bachmann

Speaker François Bachmann
Bigger, Better, Beyond Borders: Learning to Scale from a Co-Located Team to the Enterprise
  • workshop
  • 90
  • 120 minutes
  • coaching
  • enterprise
  • offshore

Growing is painful, not only for teenagers - and many successful Agile Teams don't manage to scale their practices to the whole company.

This workshop will introduce some helpful steps when moving from a small co-located team to an enterprise rollout of Agile.Every step is not just presented, but immediately practiced & reviewed by the workshop participants, making for a hands-on learning experience.

Main takeaways: 

* overall picture of what scaling is about & why it's difficult

* concrete steps for preparing & doing the scaling

* helpful questions to evaluate where you are

* a fun experience!


10' Introduction: what is scaling & when is it needed?

Steps for successful scaling (each 15-20' including a group exercise based on a concrete case we've encountered, intermediate review & summary presentation of main finding):

* Preparation: what needs to be in place before you should envision scaling

* Seeding & Growth: how to choose a good project to start with and how to spread from there

* Transition: what to do once you've reached the tipping point

* Wrapping up: handling all the things you didn't have time for during the "hot phase" of the rollout

15'-30' Sharing of Learnings (facilitated by Jutta & François)

5-10' Session Retrospective (what can we do better next time we present this topic?)



Note to AgileEE program committee: as you can see, this workshop can be held in a 90' timebox, but it will have a negative impact on the depth & learning for the 4 exercises. 

User Persona
  • coach
  • executive
  • product owner
  • manager
  • team lead
Constraints and Class Arrangement

Due to the very interactive nature (between participants *and* between the coaches and the participants) of this workshop, its "sweet spot" is between 25 and 45 participants, seated around table islands of 8-9 people (3 to 5 table islands).

Each table will work together for the four excercises and share their main findings with the others at the end.

Each table island ideally has its own flipchart holder (or wall, for tables near the walls).

A beamer would help with presenting the cases for the four exercises, but it's not mandatory.

Session History

This is a new workshop, it hasn't been performed at a conference yet. It builds on our experience coaching companies during the scaling process.

If you need a link, here are two of Jutta's books on the subject:


More info about Jutta (you already know me, but I haven't gotten around to writing a book yet :) can be found eg here:

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