"Kanban them all!" or practical experience building the process with KanbanPizza exercise by Timofey Yevgrashyn

Speaker Timofey Yevgrashyn
"Kanban them all!" or practical experience building the process with KanbanPizza exercise
  • workshop
  • 120 minutes
  • engineering
  • coaching
  • enterprise
  • management

Do you want to implement a Kanban process? Then go to us!

During the workshop we will see how the introduction of Kanban process happens in practice. Consider the process of manufacture, launch, and optimization.

By the way, you will learn on your own experience that it is necessary to pay attention to what can be done to optimize the performance.

It is desirable to have understanding of what Kanban is. Anyway, you will study concepts on your practical experience during the workshop... maybe this is even better :-)

The noise, fun and a lot of insight are guaranteed.


Practical workshop, which consists several development cycles and a deep debriefing at the end.


The workshop is built upon Kanban-Pizza simulation game and involving all participants into the work.


The number of participants is limited by number of seats (to be confirmed).


Fun is included in the program.

User Persona
  • business analyst
  • coach
  • executive
  • developer
  • IT engineer
  • practitioner
  • product owner
  • manager
  • team lead
  • tester
Constraints and Class Arrangement

The room with tables. One table per 5-6 participants.

Number of tables will be limited by the room

Session History

The workshop had a huge success on AgileBaseCamp | CrewDrill in Kharkov http://www.confeture.com/conferences/4-agilebasecamp-crew-drill/talks/pokanbanimsya-ili-prakticheskii-navyk-postroeniya-kanban-protsessa

Also, a number of great #KanbanPizza simulations took place.

The latest one happened 14/08/2012 on Agile2012 :-)

Wanted! need volunteers to assist during the workshop
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