The Recent History of Management. From the Era of Stagnation to the Renaissance by Alexey Krivitsky

Speaker Alexey Krivitsky
The Recent History of Management. From the Era of Stagnation to the Renaissance
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Iteration manager, integration mananer, release manager, communication manager, process manager, change manager, team coordination manager .... These titles are not uncommon in major IT companies. The cast of managers occupies the central position in the hierarchy of such companies. It is daily increasing its importance, closing on itself more feedback loops and taking on more responsibility.


Why is this happening? What are the risks? Where does this lead?


Stagnation of Management - is the name for the period that we have seen over the past few decades in various industries, and especially in the software development.


How not to lead a company into a dead end? How to get out of stagnation? How are successful enterprises organizing their management structures?


Today, we can see the revival of management. Lean, Agile, Scrum - these philosophies and approaches give us the impetus to the transformation and development of the latent potential of our companies, projects, teams, and employees.


But are we able to correctly perceive and use these advices?


In this talk, you will hear the epic of the highly successful corporation, from which only ruins remained. You'll learn about the two types of managers: the professor and entrepreneur. You will be introduced to the three areas of management and know that there are much more managers in your company than your HR department thinks.


You will discover a world of new management - the path of personal development and corporate renaissance.


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