Enterprise Lego Simulation by Alexey Krivitsky

Speaker Alexey Krivitsky
Enterprise Lego Simulation
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To do scrum is easy. Especially when you're talking about a one-team project. Well. Sometimes it is not.

But what if you need to kick off a 10-team project? 120 people project?

  • Will it still be Agile?
  • Can you apply Scrum framework in this context and how?
  • How to start with such a project?
  • What to look for?
  • What to avoid?
In this simulation everybody will gain understanding of how enterprise-level agile processes function. What enterprise-level scrum looks like. How to be a part of such process and how to build it.
We will be developing a real product with 10 or so teams. With a whole product owners gang. And with a bunch of coaches.

Come and see 90 minutes of an enterprise-scale agile project.


1. explain rules of enterprise-scrum

2. break people into teams

3. decide on scrum masters and testers

4. build and groom backlogs

5. sprint x 3 times

6. debrief

User Persona
  • coach
  • executive
  • product owner
  • manager
Constraints and Class Arrangement

Tables foreach team

Flipchart paper


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