5 Arguments Against Kanban by Nick Oostvogels

Speaker Nick Oostvogels
5 Arguments Against Kanban
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While Kanban is gaining more and more traction in the tech industry, we start to experience the same challenges as when the popularity of Agile started to rise. People get interested and ask "What is this Kanban thing I see popping up everywhere?". As soon as they learn the basics about it, the human brain does what it always does when processing information. It compares to what it already knows. This is where we lose our ability to learn something without prejudice. We come up with arguments why these new idea are not as good as the ones we are used to.

In this session, I will cover 5 of the most common arguments against Kanban and explain why they are flawed, by exploring Kanban in depth. You will learn how to respond to these questions and get a more profound knowledge on the foundations of Kanban.

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Kanban?
  3. Argument 1 : We lose our ability to plan
  4. Argument 2 : It will take longer
  5. Argument 3 : Things will get stuck
  6. Argument 4 : Stakeholders don't care about feeding the flow
  7. Argument 5 : We will lose team cohesion
  8. Wrap-up
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Constraints and Class Arrangement

No constraints.  This session works well for a small or large group.


Session History

I ran this session at the Software Passion Summit in Gothenburg, Sweden.  http://softwarepassion.se/speakers.do?name=nick-oostvogels

The slides are available on slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/noostvog/5-argumentsagainstkanban

The session is distilled from the e-book I'm writing 'Kanban for Sceptics', which will be released on leanpub.com in the middle of April.

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