Balancing and growing agile testing with high productive distributed teams by Mads Troels Hansen

Speaker Mads Troels Hansen
Balancing and growing agile testing with high productive distributed teams
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Doing testing in a distributed setup can be a challenge and often there are many problems. Using agile techniques does not solve all those problems by magic and very often companies do not get enough value out of the distributed testers and they are not integrated well in global agile teams.

This talk will explain how we are growing high productive distributed teams in ScanJour, where testers are doing high value quality work in a balanced and collaborated way with team members in both Denmark and Ukraine.

We are continuously striving to improve our global structure, where the agile testing is built on five main pillars, which enables our global agile testing mindset. The 5 pillars for enabling our global agile testing mindset are: Constant Quality Focus, Global Test Leadership, Global Supporting Infrastructure, Global Agile Testing Practices, and Global Product Ownership.

We will also share our challenges, recommendations and data for how we measure the improvements across all teams when balancing and growing agile testing.

This talk is also on the program for AgileTestingDays 2012.


Growing and balancing

  • Constant Quality Focus
  • Global Test Leadership
  • Global Supporting Infrastructure
  • Global Agile Testing Practices
  • Global Product Ownership
User Persona
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  • product owner
  • manager
  • team lead
  • tester
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Session History

This sesion will be conducted a number of times in Danish companies during the summer and is on the program for AgileTestingDays 2012 in November. Material is not finalized yet.

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