Tomasz Borowski


I am front-end developer and Javascript enthusiast. With experience in such frameworks as Ember.js, Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile and Kinetic.js, I believe in the power of the CoffeeScript caffeine. Apart of developing app front-ends, I also work with Ruby on Rails, where I use a TDD approach to deliver highly reliable solutions.

In my free time, I promote physical activities and organise football trainings for ... other developers :-)

I am big fan of gamification concept. I use Nike Running and Zombies Run apps to stay in good condition and have fun while running. Also, I am creator of YouGame - application that gamifies daily work with project management software. We are using this application in Selleo (software development house), where I work.

Check my website for more details about me, such as links to my social networks, videos of my talks, my public repositiories and my articles.



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