Piotr Trojanowski

Piotr Trojanowski is a Lean & Agile enthusiast and practitioner. He has worked as Agile Transitioner / Scrum Master / Agile Mentor with many development teams in various organizations since 2007. Author of a popular blog on agile software delivery. Loves experimenting, challenging habbits, listen to people and modelling reality. Piotr's goal is to build and develop Teams. Special interest: implementing organizations, organizational culture, mindset transformations. 

Head of Development Team, E-Commerce Applications Department, Allegro Group, Poznan.

Founder of Poznan Agile User Group - www.agilepoznan.org

Blog: http://www.agile-software-management.blogspot.com

LinkedIn: http://pl.linkedin.com/in/piotrtrojanowski/





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