How I Became a Spaceship Commander by Tomasz Borowski

Speaker Tomasz Borowski
How I Became a Spaceship Commander
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A few words about me

For some time I have been exploring the uses of gamification, in particular the gaming solution I deployed some time ago in my workplace.



I took part in the Agile by Example conference in 2011. It was then that a few speakers inspired me to undertake some specific actions within the area.  So far I have managed to implement gamification in a 20-man Software Development House: Selleo. I can share my personal experience gained in the undertaking, especially what I have found out about the risks and benefits associated with workplace gamification.


Everyday at work we use myYouGame application. By sorting out their daily tasks and duties our developers (players) cooperate with each other to create human settlements in the most remote corners of the universe. The aim of  this application is to grow engagement, promote best practices (e.g. proper task granulation, continuous progress updates, work planning and sharing the knowledge, etc.) and of course to add some fun to the workday. :-)


I participate Web & Mobile meetings and events, where I give speeches on a regular basis. I would like to invite you to visit mywebsite, where you can find some social media links and presentations videos connected with my professional activity.


You may also watch a short movie aboutYouGame on YouTube.

The talk

My talk will be about the basics of gamification in working contexts and will feature a case study of a pragmatic implementation of the concept.


Title of talk: How I Became a Spaceship Commander

Summary of talk:

  • Introduction, game rules

  • What is gamification and what it is not?

    • Game elements and mechanics - gamification vs pointification

    • Business and social objectives

  • The impact of gamification on team management

    • Productivity enhancement

    • Promoting behaviour changes

    • Collaboration vs competition

    • Threads of misuse

    • Can gamification be applied to team management?

  • YouGame by Example

    • The concept

      • Behaviour changes & good practices

      • Engagement and motivation

      • Work recognition

      • Fun!

    • Who is playing and who is not? Why?

    • Does YouGame solve any management problems?

  • Summary

  • Questions & Discussion


Comment on Questions & Discussion section:

I would like to deliver an interactive presentation, whereby I would attempt to provide a live example of how gamification (YouGame) works in practice. During the talk the audience would be able to submit their questions that would be filed as tasks in my YouTrack account. After the presentation, i.e. in the Questions & Discussion time, I would take the tasks from the backlog and answer the questions or discuss the issues submitted. When a task is completed I will score points and minerals, which will be visible in theYouGame dashboard.

Experience required
  • beginner
Additional venue requirements
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