Stakeholder jungle – a survivor's guide by Michał Ślizak

Speaker Michał Ślizak and Danuta Bemowska
Stakeholder jungle – a survivor's guide
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This is a case study of a development teams' wild boat ride down the Waterfall, along the banks of the Scrum rapids and onto the Kanban lake. In the course of this journey we were faced with:

  • multiple stakeholders demanding our time,

  • quickly responding to customer-reported problems,

  • being responsible for developing and supporting multiple parts of the product,

  • people leaving the company or being reassigned to other teams.

These circumstances were challenging and enabled us to review our mindset.

In this talk we will show how changing the way our team plans and works allowed us to:

  • find a middle ground between development and support roles,

  • let all stakeholders know they are treated fairly,

  • share knowledge and decision-making to increase the bus factor,

  • increase team satisfaction and commitment.


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Danuta Karwanska-Bemowska
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