Scrum Buts - and how to remove them by Joy Kelsey

Speaker Joy Kelsey
Scrum Buts - and how to remove them
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What I am going to be talking about are some of the scenarios I have come across whilst training or giving consultancy and even some scenarios within my own Scrum teams at some time or other over the last ten years or so.

We all get comfortable with what we are doing and maybe forget that it was hard to begin with so moving into something new can be daunting, if we struggle we tend to then fall back into old habits or what we were used to doing whether it was right or wrong, so what I will be doing is giving the ScrumBut then some suggestions on how to overcome them.


 Please remember there is no right or wrong way for you to work in your Scrum teams and companies, I can only suggest or recommend doing it properly by following the Scrum Guide first and then adapting to what works for you, like anything Plan, Do, Check, Act.

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