Are we there yet? Or what a release plan is for. by Malcolm Peacock

Speaker Malcolm Peacock
Are we there yet? Or what a release plan is for.
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One of the most frequently asked question by product owners and by passengers in your car is "are we there yet! or "when will I get my release?".

Looking at your release plan is like using the  satallite navigation in your car. It provides some useful guides and helps you in decision making but does not guarantee you will get to your desired destination at the time origionally stated when setting out.

Obstacles such as roadworks, detours (both desirable and undesirable) can all influence when you arrive. You can increase speed and drop quality but the outcome isn't always as expected. 

I want to discuss the use of the release plan in continually updating the Product owner and stakeholders much in the same way as you keep your passengers updated during a long car journey. I hope to provide you with a useful anology to help in those sometimes awkward conversations with the product owner.


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