Agile Games by Tomasz Dubikowski

Speaker Tomasz Dubikowski
Agile Games
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When I joined my current company I was the least experience team member. I’ve been agile enthusiast for ages who desired to become an agile coach in the future  which of course I shared with the team. Guys let me experiment, put some of ideas into test. However, I found it quite hard to propose something that will be engaging, surprising and most important enjoyable for guys with years of IT experience. I tried some games for retro… It went well, and then magic happened. I got invitations to retrospectives from other teams, facilitated meetings, had presentations and almost everywhere played games.

During the talk I’d like to share my experience from new joiner to internal agile trainer. Tell how games can be beneficial for the team and why they should be a common practice, not just a time-to-time addition. I’d like to share games that I facilitated and prove that despite simplicity their influence can be significant. They can solve serious issues, help to think outside the box, take team members out of their everyday behavior and in the meantime they can be quite fun.

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