Freedom Fridays by Elżbieta Adamczyk and Kamil Nowosad

Speaker Elżbieta Adamczyk and Kamil Nowosad
Freedom Fridays
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We will tell a story about how we have made the idea of “20% time spent on non-backlog tasks (practiced at Google or Atlassian)” really work for our team of software developers. We believe adopting the idea is not straightforward at all and would like to inspire you with our approach. There is a lot to gain.


The solution, which is usually used to nurture innovation, has got more advantages than simply establishing a balance between the time spent on boring scheduled tasks and the time spent on things the developers find interesting and useful. It allows the team constantly overburdened with urgent tasks to find time for those less important ones without arranging troublesome debates with the product owner. The practice has also greatly improved morale and helped developers to embrace the ownership of the project and supply each other with some useful tools. On top of that, developers can now experience the joy of seeing a grateful human face even if they never see the customer in person.

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