Technical Excellence: Why does it not stick even now? by Antti Kirjavainen

Speaker Antti Kirjavainen
Technical Excellence: Why does it not stick even now?
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Technical excellence, meaning e.g. quality code, sound architecture, good test automation and coverage, continuous integration and continuous deployment, is the pre-requisite of sustainable software development. Sustainability of software development is essential for improving the Return On Investment and extending the life cycle of software products and services.

In my talk I will explain why the majority of organizations is still not making effective management decisions to ensure they get technical excellence.

I will argue that technical excellence is impossible to buy from a software vendor and impossible to enforce in contractual terms.

The other side to this subject is my second argument: the only way to ensure technical excellence is to have a skilled and motivated team that takes responsible of it, and giving that team the responsibility and means to ensure technical excellence

I will go over my personal experiences relating to management decisions regarding technical excellence and illustrate the thinking that is behind the ineffective decision-making related to technical excellence.

In conclusion, I will describe what kind of change of mindset is required for making effective management decisions regarding technical excellence.

The previous iteration of this talk, titled "It's Impossible To Buy Technical Excellence" was held in Turku Agile Day 2013 in Turku, Finland, on May 15th, 2013.

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