Quality Assurance by metrics by Paweł Polewicz

Speaker Paweł Polewicz
Quality Assurance by metrics
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At 9LivesData, we are passionate about quality assurance.
Some time ago we have participated in Tom Gilb's Lean QA workshop.
Tom was so inspiring that he convinced us to introduce some metrics to our work.

Now we have almost a year of experience with designing, visualizing, deploying, evaluating and refining quality metrics in a team of 50 C++ developers. Thanks to the custom metrics our teams exactly know what is the most important stuff to focus on with respect to QA. We no longer waste time on things which are inessential. As a result, we can deliver new product version faster.

We will present the benefits and obstacles we have met during the introduction of quality metrics in our development team while working on complex and distributed software in multinational environment.



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Paweł Chodarcewicz
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