Code review, do you speak it? by Michał Ostruszka

Speaker Michał Ostruszka
Code review, do you speak it?
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It doesn't matter whether you work in in-office colocated team or you are part of fully distributed team, you still work on the same codebase together with your teammates. All of you should be familiar with the codebase, be aware of changes being introduced (to keep sneaky bugs away) and be able to take over work on any piece of project's code. There is pair programing you may say, but not all teams can afford that. 

So code review to the rescue! I'd like to show you diffrent approaches to this process, how different teams do code reviews, what are common issues while doing code reviews (not only technical but also mental ones) and how to solve them. I'll describe how it relates to pair programming and what are benefits of doing code reviews for developers, managers and project as a whole. If you don't practice it yet, I'd like to try to convince you that this is great and powerful tool waiting for you to use. If you already do code reviews I hope you will learn some things that will help you to improve your existing process.

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