Code-n-Pizza @ Kharkiv Conference

Java-script-code-007 Харьков
21 Jun 2013

Предлагаем вам посетить вечернее мероприятие в формате "Coding Dojo" со специальным гостем - Павлом Липинским (Польша). Тут вы не только легко встретите старых и новых друзей, но и попишите код.

Workshop "Object-oriented workout"

In "Object Calisthenics"[1] essay Jeff Bay proposes the following exercise: write a short project using 9 rules of extreme object-orientedness. Though it may initially seem simple, sometimes it's really hard to follow the rules. During the workshop we'll do a Code Kata [2] using all the nine rules. And obviously we'll be doing that using TDD. In the end we'll see how the object-oriented workout has worked out for us.

Participants will be doing the same exercise in pairs (2 people per computer). So take your machines. Additional keyboard and mouse will be very convenient, since it's hard sometimes to get used to someone-else's laptop.

[1] Object Calisthenics, Jeff Bay in: The ThoughtWorks Anthology, Pragmatic Bookshelf 2008.



Что вам понадобится: 

  • ноутбук (можно 1 на двоих)
  • IDE, которая вам нравится 


Ждем вас в 19:00 по адресу:

г. Харьков , ул. Маломясницкая, 9/11 (cт. м. Проспект Гагарина), конференц-зал академии "ШАГ"


50 грн. (оплата на месте)

Participants: 3

Seats remained: 47 of 50