Management 3.0 training in Kiev Training

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20 Aug 2013 (till 21 Aug 2013)

The Management 3.0 training is an official  2-days Management 3.0 course. The training is directly corresponding to the Management 3.0 programm by Jurgen Appelo.

Who will be the trainer of the Management 3.0 training?

Jurgen Dittmar is an official Management 3.0 trainer which will coach you Management 3.0.

What will be the language of the Management 3.0 training?

The training, presentation and materials will be in English.

Do I need to pass exam after the training?

There are no any exams after the Management 3.0 training, but you will get an official certificate after this training.

Where can I find the agenda and price of the Management 3.0 training?

You can find this information  following the links bellow:



How can I register to the Management 3.0?

You can choose the suitable variant of registration following this link.

Why do I need to attend the Management 3.0?

Mostly IT Companies works according to Agile only partly.

What does it mean?

It means that Agile usually can be implemented only in a separate teams, but all the company doesn't use the Agile. This situation is absolutly understandable because for the restructuring Corporate culture, principles and values Managers need to have clearly understanding the picture of their future role and a new view of effective leadership principles.

The Management 3.0 training helps to provide the logical concepts of the new systemic leadership and acknowledge mistakes and misinterpretations of traditional management.

Who should attend the Management3.0 training?

If you are a manager or just a team memeber, you should attend this training!


To know all about Agile and to work corresponding to Agile doesn't mean clearly understanding your responsibilities! Everyone should understand what he/she should do. It doesn't only managers job. The main goal of Agile is that each team member should be fully responsible not only for their work but for the work of the whole team.
The Management 3.0 is a training for leaders, managers and people who want to work with Agile and help to shape the development of an Agile organization and positively motivated process.

If You are thinking in the same way, we welcome You to attend the Management 3.0 training in Kiev!


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