Open Source Days '14 Conference

Dwo-logo Bielsko-Biała, Poland
28 Mar 2014 (till 30 Mar 2014)

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The Open Source Days are an annual conference for those who are involved with or interested in Open Source solutions / initiatives as well as those who are eager to find out more about Open Source applications for business enterprises, public administration and the third sector, i.e. NGOs / non-profits.

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The Open Source Days cover a wide variety of topics. The conference provides a platform for exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge in such areas as, for example:


  • how to start - introduction to the Open Source phenomenon, how to learn programming, tips on how to teach others (including very young students)
  • open learning communities - ventures such as Khan Academy,,, how to use the resources as well as how to contribute and co-create them
  • soft skills - especially those needed for effective communication and teamwork
  • mastering software craftsmanship: software architecture design, domain driven design, tools such as Vim, Eclipse, RubyMine or FireBug automated testing (e.g., yeoman, grunt, guard, and the like. continuous integration; deployment and code review, use of external services (GitHub, Travis CI, Code Climate, etc.)
  • software development methodologies - SCRUM (and other light methodologies) / tools for effective work in dispersed teams
  • designing and programming games
  • case studies:  Open Source usage in business enterprises, in public administration, at schools / universities, in non-profit organizations,
  • production-support systems - such as Nagios, Zabix, and the like.
  • open hardware - Arduino, Beagle Board, Raspeberry Pi,, WikiSpeed, etc.
  • mobile operating systems - e.g., Firefox os, Ubuntu os, Sailfish os, Jolla, Tizen 
  • data analysis and visualisation - programming languages: R, Processing; Orange, etc.
  • functional programming and immutable data types - introduction to the concept; Clojure, Datomic and the like. / introduction to functional programming with immutable data types (Clojure, Datomic)
  • client side applications - strengths and weaknesses, (e.g. Ember.js, Angular.js, CoffeeScript, SASS, Compass)
    private  cloud computing: Open Shift, Eucalyptus, Cloud Foundry, Docker, etc
  • UX / UI in IT projects - interface design, information architecture; how to win a graphic designer over to contribute to your Open Source project ;-)
  • free culture - Wikipedia, Wiki*, OpenStreetMap, Jamendo - workshops on how to become a co-creater would be warmly welcome

As mentioned above, the list is not closed and should rather be treated as suggestions which help to identify the direction in which we are moving. If you are interested in some other subjects related to Open Source, feel free to contact us and submit your ideas.

You can submit your proposal of:

  • 20-minute presentation (15 slots)
  • 90-minute workshop (4 slots)


Organizers Contacts

Organization Mikstura.IT Foundation
Contact Person Michał Czyż
Phone Number +48 661 120 232
Accepted Speakers (3)