AgileByExample 2012 Conference

Logo Warsaw, Poland
04 Oct 2012 (till 05 Oct 2012)

After the great success of AgileByExample 2011 we are eager to continue our journey and gain yet more insight into good (and bad!) agile adoption practices.

The second edition of our conference, AgileByExample 2012, will be held this Autumn, once again in Warsaw.

AgileByExample 2012 at a glance:

  • second edition of an international event
  • for developers and managers
  • unique venue offering a fantastic climate
  • presentations & discussions, all held in English.
Call 4 Papers

Any practial cases or sets of advice about how to adopt any Agile, Lean or XP techniques in real life projects. In particular, we will look for:

  • case studies from companies using Agile, Lean or XP practices
  • examples of adopting particular practices (pick one and dive into details)
  • practical advice to those already starting their way through agile adoption
  • failure examples and reasons (we are all interested in avoiding same mistakes)
  • techniques to maintain project codebase in a clean and well-tested shape
  • practical ways to increase personal and team productivity

The conference will have a single track, so nobody needs to choose between interesting topics. We would like the talks to be 30-45 min long so that each of them is focused on a single topic and cuts to the point.

However if you have any other suggestions or would like to use other format, just make a note in your talk submission. We are open to all interesting ideas to make the conference vibrant and energizing.

Get ready for AgileByExample 2012!

Session Submissions

Michał Bartyzel

Agile team identity

Piotr Burdylo

Take a look back

Thomas Sundberg


Thomas Sundberg

Clean Code