Gamified Retrospective by Monika Konieczny

Speaker Monika Konieczny
Gamified Retrospective
Retrospective is one of those magic moments when the team is looking back at the sprint that has just ended. It's time to celebrate all the successes and learn from failures. How to help your team to make the retrospective amazing and very beneficial experience? Adding serious games, funware, grain of gamification may help your team in finding creative solutions, thinking out of the box, and making them happier than ever before.
The whole idea is to run retrospective in a gamified way - to use games to analyze the process, find solutions to encountered problems, feel as an amazing team of superheroes who can deliver extraordinary projects. Game should be adjusted to team's culture and needs. Right now I'm running research in various companies - we do gamified retrospective, then they have one sprint to introduce changes. After that we meet and evaluate introduced changes.
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