Testers in the Agile World by Wiktor Żołnowski

Speaker Wiktor Żołnowski
Testers in the Agile World

More and more people ask us about: "Where is a place for testers in Agile team/organisation?" or even "Is there a place for tester in Agile?".

I have a few years of experience working in IT and most of it was tester/test engineer/qa/qa lead positions in Agile (or wannabe Agile) organisations. I would like to share my experience and talk about how I used to work with programmers in cross-functional teams and with customers or product owners in Scrum or similar projects.

The point is to ask correct questions like: “How are you planning to implement it?”, “Did you include this use case in your implementation?”. “Don’t we forget about some use cases?”, “What if user would like to do that action?”, “Do we need all this use cases and user stories?” etc... Also working closely with programmers helps me to better understand how the systems are implemented, how to test it and what should be tested first. Cooperation with customers always increases my skills in exploratory testing and risk based testing which soon became something which I could call risk or value based development.

The second question which I would like to answer is: Why I decide to start working in Agile?

One of the reasons is that in Agile there are much more tools which I can use for assuring quality. Instead of the other methods and approaches like waterfall etc. where QA are focused at controlling and measuring everything, in Agile we need to observe and react, inspect and adapt, experiment and learn - we need to be more interactive. Measurement is just one of the tools - and if you tring to use metrics to control your organisation you need to remember that people are tend to do what you are asking for (and nothing more).

Quality always starts from people and it doesn’t matter if they are using one methodology or another. If they don’t know how to build high quality software or even that there is possible to build software in better way then they are already doing it, then any cultural change wouldn’t be possible.

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