Outside-In Testing step by step by Michał Czyż

Speaker Michał Czyż
Outside-In Testing step by step

My presentation is walk-through on how to convert user stories into working test suite, in the context of Ruby on Rails platform. 

We'll start by quickly examining the application we are going to work with and define our to-implement user story, along with scenarios and corresponding wireframes.   

Next, I am going to talk about the process of mapping the information from user story into an end-to-end acceptance test. Having acceptance test prepared, we'll move to writing integration and unit tests. The focus will be put on how tester/developer is going through the stack of different test types, from acceptance, to integration and unit tests. 

Finally, before we call it a day, we'll review each test type in terms of value it brings to the suite, asking ourselves a question: “do we really want to maintain *all* of these tests?”


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