How to handle a scrum team with a past? by Ewa Gowin

Speaker Ewa Gowin
How to handle a scrum team with a past?

Usually when introducing scrum to the company or starting a startup you get the Team, Scrum Master and Product Owner working together from the very beginning. But what if you are a Scrum Master with a mission to take over already existing team?

They know each other quite well, they are working in their own manner, they got used to the former Scrum Master and his “methods”, they are confident of their scrum and probably they don’t want any novelty. So, it’s a challenge to maintain team’s good habits and to convince them to some necessary changes (and, trust me, there is always something to improve). How to do it and not to get eaten by wolves?

In this talk I present you a case study from my work with all the mistakes I made, ScrumButs I saw and bright sides that helped me get along with the team. As a result of my talk you will get useful Dos and Don’ts tips that should help you fit into scrum team’s environment and persuade the members to take you seriously. 

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