Surviving long-running agile projects. Agile by example by Sander Hoogendoorn

Speaker Sander Hoogendoorn
Surviving long-running agile projects. Agile by example

When thinking about agile most people either consider small teams executing two to three month projects or are considering industrializing huge projects in an agile way-of-working, including off-shore distributed teams and quality assurance. 

Sander’s story however comes from the trenches and tells the story of a three year running, eight people team agile project that survived through turbulent times, where the projects was almost being off-shored to India, missing infrastructure, struggled contract wars, productivity improvements plans, world-wide distributed end users, unavailable domain experts, junior developers, scope creep, audits, and changing release strategies.

Learn from how the team learned. Sander shares best practices and real-life anecdotes from a small team surviving a long-running agile project. In his highly interactive and enthusiastic style of presenting Capgemini’s global agile thought leader demonstrates how to set up preliminary iterations, structuring agile requirements using smart use cases and smart estimation, how to improve your way-of-working using the theory of constraints, how to survive sudden team changes, learn from multiple releases, and mix multiple agile approaches such as Scrum, Smart and Kanban.

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