Death by dogma versus assembling agile by Sander Hoogendoorn

Speaker Sander Hoogendoorn
Death by dogma versus assembling agile

Almost all organizations, large and small, are turning towards agile to escape failing traditional software development projects. Due to this strong increase in popularity of agile approaches and techniques, many newcomers will enter the field of agile coaching. Many of them without the very necessary real-life experience but proudly waving their agile certificates proving they at least had two days of training.

During this challenging talk appreciated international speaker Sander Hoogendoorn, global agile thought leader at Capgemini, shows what happens with organizations and projects which are coached by well-willing consultants with little experience. Often this leads to very dogmatic applications of the more popular agile approaches, mostly Scrum and Kanban. This dogmatic thinking currently blocks the use of more elaborate techniques, tools and technology in agile projects, even when these would really improve projects. “No, you cannot do modeling in Scrum” and “Burn-down charts are mandatory” are two such simple real-life example statements. Due to this lack of experience and the growing dogmatism in the agile beliefs, more and more agile projects will fail. 

But maybe even more important during this talk Sander will also show that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all agile. Different organizations and different projects require different agile approaches. Sometimes lightweight agile, user stories, simple planning and estimation is just fine. But in many projects the way of working used should rather be built up from slightly more enterprise ready approaches, for example using Smart or FDD, smart use cases, standardized estimation, multiple distributed teams and on-line dashboards. During this talk Sander demonstrates how to assemble an agile approach that is specifically suitable for YOUR project, of course with many examples from real-life agile implementations.

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