The invisible man. The crucial yet undefined role of testers in agile projects by Sander Hoogendoorn

Speaker Sander Hoogendoorn
The invisible man. The crucial yet undefined role of testers in agile projects

In agile projects, testing is considered of major importance. In agile projects, working in short iterations allows projects to bend Boehm’s Law of exponentially rising costs of finding and fixing bugs. So one might expect that the role of testers is clearly defined in agile approaches. Yet surprisingly, other than unit testing, which is more a development than a test technique, the most popular approaches such as Scrum, XP and Kanban do not clearly describe the role of testers and testing.

During this interactive talk Sander Hoogendoorn, principal technology officer and global agile thought leader at Capgemini will show how testing actually plays a role in day to day work in real-life agile projects. This talk will clearly demonstrate what test activities are deployed in the development life cycle of work items, such as developer testing, functional testing, acceptance testing and end user approval testing and when and how these are performed. Sander will also illustrate the positive effect of testing when working in long-running agile projects in iterations and releases. Here additional test activities are evidently required, including early release preparation, defining release test scenario’s and cases. Sander is currently active in some multi-year spanning agile projects, mixing best practices from Scrum, Smart, and test driven development.

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