Canopy: F# DSL for Webdriver by Serhiy Kalinets

Speaker Serhiy Kalinets
Canopy: F# DSL for Webdriver

Vitamins are very useful. But “useful” does not always mean “tasty” (very few people and no kids like vegetables that are the main source of vitamins). The same is true for automation -- everyone agrees that it is very useful practice but most of guys not doing automation think that it is very boring and time consuming.

Webdriver is an outstanding tool for QA automation. However for .NET people it is considered to be a “something from Java world” and thus very few developers get into love with it. And when developers are not involved in automation leaving it to QAs additional friction occurs and progress of the projects slows down.

In this talk Serhiy will demonstrate a very cool framework that adds more fun to using Webdriver by .NET developers. It’s name is Canopy and it is built on top of F#. QA and product owners may also benefit from this tool because it allows to write scenarios in more human friendly way.

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