Managing Software Technology Training

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13 Jun 2014


This course is designed to teach senior management teams how to restructure programmes to use existing resources to deliver early business results to key business stakeholders, at lower cost, with reduced risk, to higher levels of quality and with increased management control at each step… than conventional programme approaches allow.

Who should attend

Company top management, CTOs, Managers of Project Managers and Sr. Project or Programme Managers

Why attend

Experience a new perspective for delivering early business results to key business stakeholders, at lower cost, with reduced risk, to higher levels of quality. Tom Gilb and Kai Gilb have, together with many professional friends and clients, personally developed the Agile methods they teach, which is now recognised by the ‘Agile’ community as setting the benchmark for systematically managed rapid results delivery.

Topics covered

  • Contracting for Results: No Cure No Pay
  • Technical Policies for Managing Software
  • Some simple standards to manage the work flow: Project Startup Week, The Evo Project Management
  • How to qualify any critical performance or quality objective
  • How to estimate, and how to keep estimated promises
  • How to plan your organisation: objectives, strategies and evolution
  • How to connect business needs with the works of software technology
  • Risk Management: practical tools and devices
  • Intelligent Dynamic Prioritization of tasks, based on max value for money


Bring a laptop with USB port, or bring a > 0.5 Gig Memory stick. If you want advance reading now, then we suggest you scan the downloads at and read whatever interests you.

Practical details

The documentation will consist of a set of slides, papers, case studies, and electronic books, which will be provided on a master Memory Stick for your laptop, or we will copy onto your own memory stick.


Kai Gilb is an experienced coach, trainer and writer. His experience from decades of practice from all over the world in both tiny companies as well as in some of the worlds largest companies and projects, is carefully incorporated through a relentless vision of excellence, farsightedness, clarity, efficiency, practicality and simplicity. Frequent keynote speaker and tutorial speaker at international conferences, Kai is in the Agile forefront of changing peoples minds, motivating and teaching people on how to focus on delivering value.

Kai together with his father, Tom have recently developed their own Agile Inspections and Agile Evolutionary Project Management processes that are being successfully used by clients, such as IBM, Nokia, Ericsson, HP, Intel, Citigroup – and many other large and small organizations. Recently (2012) over 15,000 engineers at Intel have voluntarily adopted the Planguage requirements specification methods; in addition to practicing to a lesser extent Evo, Spec QC and other Gilb methods. Many other multinationals are in various phases of adopting and practicing the Gilb methods. Many smaller companies also use the methods. 

Оплата участия

Том и Каи хотят поддержать Украину поэтому они решили провести БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ класс, но к сожалению, остаются затраты на аренду помещения, раздаточные материалы и печеньки. И мы вынуждены попросить вас оплатить свое участие в размере  610 грн. (50 $ ).  

Если вы работаете в компании, которая сможет выступить спонсором, то передайте, пожалуйста, контакты организаторов для связи, они в блоке ниже. Заранее спасибо. 

Organizers Contacts

Organization SCRUMguides
Contact Person Lina Shishkina
Phone Number +380 50 374 04 38
Participants: 13