Brutal coding constraints by Michał Lipski

Speaker Michał Lipski
Brutal coding constraints

The major difference between world-class and average ice skaters is not about genetics, talent or even hours of practice. The difference is that top skaters fall over as twice often during their trainings.


This may seem to be counterintuitive at the first glance. The point is that elite skaters attempt jumps that are more difficult even relative to their superior abilities.


What they do is so called purposeful practice. Its all about striving for what is just out of reach and not quite making it. Its about stepping outside the comfort zone and attempting tasks beyond current limitations. That is essential paradox of expert performance.


In our daily work as developers often we don’t have time for that kind of deliberate practice. We are focused on delivering software. We don't have time to experiment, try new stuff - difficult stuff.


On this dojo it will be different. Following coderetreat format I will put you against brutal coding constraints. We will push the rules of XP,OOP and TDD to extreme. For sure It will be hard. Most probably you will fail many times but it will sharpen your programming and design skills and will help you during day to day work.


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