Architectural Mantra – foundation of software team work by M. Sieraczkiewicz

Speaker Mariusz Sieraczkiewicz
Architectural Mantra – foundation of software team work

Ask every member of your team for explaining the architecture you use – building blocks and their responsibilities. Will you hear the same answers? I bet you won’t. What seems obvious (architecture here) usually is the root of evil. Every little difference in understanding architecture will make it erode and make it unmaintainable in a long term. It is why you want to be sure that any person on team asked at three o’clock in the morning will give you the same answer about what your architecture is.

The Architectural Mantra is a guide how to do it. Here are the key ingredients:

1.       Visualise the architecture

2.       Describe the responsibilities

3.       Spread the knowledge

4.       Make sure it is up to date


During the session you will learn how lack of shared architecture understanding may kill even the best design, how to visualise your architecture and make use it to facilitate team communication, how to spread knowledge about architecture and keep it up to date especially dealing with legacy systems.

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