Just how much upfront design and architecture do you need? by Łukasz Szóstek

Speaker Łukasz Szóstek
Just how much upfront design and architecture do you need?

I'd like to share an example (sic!) of a succesfull aproach to build a complex hardware / software system which, to big extent, was a result of just the right mix of upfront architecture and interaction design with agility of the build process.

The project was run at Philips Research In Eindhoven, The Netherlands in 2005-2006 and aimed at building a secure (from the content owner perspective) mobile audio-video application together with associated infrastructure. We were tasked with building a pilot system capable of supporting +/-10000 real users which was quite unusual for a small research team.

It will be a story of ups and downs of a team of "extreme programmers" and their architect punctuated with the lessons learned along the way.

I still have to check how much details of the project I can actually disclose but the lessons learned, which are the main point of this talk, are generic and widely applicable. Even today I still draw from that experience so, the story is definitely worth sharing.

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complex projects, software architecture, prototyping, walking skeleton, iterative design
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