Product Ownership as a full-time job by Michal Przadka

Speaker Michał Prządka
Product Ownership as a full-time job

Product Owner is a strange role. On one side, Product Owners are instrumental in the the overall success of a project. In the end, it is they who know where the value is and what is the shortest path to get there. On the other hand, more often than not, Scrum community sees POs as “people from the business”  who will just appear, have vision and with their magical powers guide us to build the best product. The Product Owner section in the Scrum Guide itself is the shortest of all three sections on the Scrum roles. This is a clear indication on how we often perceive their position in the framework.


In my talk, I want to discuss product ownership as a job that requires a certain mindset and full-time dedication. I will share my views on skills are required, tools that can be used and what it means to be a good PO in an agile project. It is definitely not an easy job and if we don’t address this, we are just making it harder. My goal is to build respect and empathy for product owners because they need and deserve it.


Whenever possible I will try to talk from my own experience. During the last couple of years I have been lucky to have many different roles - Scrum Master, Product Owner, coach, leader, client, vendor. I have seen both, people failing as product owners and thriving. My story is about how to make a difference.


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