Scrum for no software projects by Antonello Nardini, PMPĀ®

Speaker Antonello Nardini
Scrum for no software projects

Last April I decided to utilize SCRUM methodology for planning and managing the activities of the team that designs and certifies civil aircraft seats. I am a PMP, so I started the trasformation from command and control to team member autonomy, from waterfall to Agile.

We are working with the Kanban, we perform the stand up meetings every day and we have sprints one week long. Changing the way to think of 9 people has been quite hard, I worked a lot as a coach for the team members, but slowly we are obtaining a lot of successes in terms of targets completed.

I would like to talk about my experience because I really think that Agile could be adopted by a lot of companies not only those ones producing software, and expecially those companies that think that the project management is too hard to utilize and it is good only for big companies.

Agile could be the way to make the small and medium companies utilize the project management. 

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