Make it Visible - Progress in a sprint by Paweł Słowikowski

Speaker Paweł Słowikowski
Make it Visible - Progress in a sprint

The art of visualizing the progress of work, and the amount of work left in a sprint has always been an interesting subject in my teams. The question that we often had to answer were: how to make our work transparent to us in the Development Team, to the people in the Scrum Team and other stakeholders. How to propagate information in a useful, yet visible and simple way.

In this speach I will first shortly discuss the reason behind visualizing work in a sprint (from different stakeholders point of view) and then present different methods of visualizing the work still to be done in a sprint. All of those ideas came from real-life teams and were executed with a different rate of success. From simple 'traditional' sprint burndown charts in hours of work left to car-clock style speed indicators.

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