Thinking tools for Product Owners by Michał Parkoła

Speaker Michał Parkoła
Thinking tools for Product Owners

No pre-baked approach can guarantee good results and as the Agile Manifesto suggests it is all about "people and interactions over processes and tools". However many structured ways of thinking are valuable tools for the people doing the interacting.

Therefore the most important question to ask when evaluating a new idea is: How can this help us make better decisions?

In this talk I will share 3 stories of how we used some fundamental Agile practices and some more abstract techniques to make better decisions about product development at 4FINANCE:

1) How Impact Mapping helped win a political battle and maximize the amount of work not done.

2) How "incremental and iterative" is much harder then I thought and how we used it anyway.

3) How formulating goals in terms of measurable outcomes helped us even when we didn't actually measure anything.

Warning! We're still learning. The stories contain some failures as well as successes!

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product management, imact mapping, quantification, agile
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