Working per hour or working per task? by Michał Nowostawski

Speaker Michał Nowostawski
Working per hour or working per task?

One of our scrum teams have conducted an experiment with task-based (as opposed to time-based) work schedule to see how it affects team's motivation, engagement and attitudes to deliver functionality to end-users. The team first prepared a number of assumptions how it would look like, and set to validate them to see if they would work in practice. All the team members agreed to participate in the experiment and follow the new schedule for three weeks. The experiment concluded with the reflection and conclusions session.  


In this presentation I would like to describe the experiment, how we have started, how the new work schedule looked like during experiment and what we have learnt. The experiment exposed many interesting human behaviours and made our team's life less ordinary. I hope that after this talk you'll be inspired to conduct similar experiments in your own team.

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scrum, agile, task-oriented working hours
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